console.log('dupa'); // ympek's dev blog

printing my way through life.


Where am I?

You are reading tiny devblog of @ympek, full-stack software developer based in Krakow, Poland. I post here exclusively whenever I've figured out how to solve some software problem, and the solution was not quick google search away.

AND I have time and motivation to write it down. Which is rare.

What "dupa" means?

"Dupa" is mildly vulgar Polish word meaning "ass". "Dupa debugging" is common term among Polish software developers for the practice of putting `print` statements all over the code while analyzing a software problem, in English known as "trace debugging", "caveman debugging" or a multitude of different names.

I use this method a lot.

Why no cookie popup?

I don't need to ask you to agree to cookies utilization, because this website does not use them.

The best kind of website.
The kind I miss so much.

There is even more to it - this website works perfectly fine with JavaScript disabled. Despite being written in JavaScript on the backend.

Your post helped me; how can I say thank you?

You can drop me an email I guess. The address is sz insert-at-symbol-here ympek dot net.